Multiplier and Voting Power

The voting on EnterDAO will be performed with the non-tradable vENTR tokens. To get vENTR, you have to stake or lock your $ENTR tokens.

Below are described 3 use cases with vENTR and $ENTR:

1. You can lock $ENTR for vENTR
  • You can lock $ENTR for a period of up to 1 year and get bonus vENTR.
  • The bonus is linear — max 1 year, max 2x multiplier.
Example: - lock 1,000 $ENTR for 1 year and get 2,000 vENTR - lock 1,000 $ENTR for 6 months and get 1,500 vENTR.
  • Bonus has a linear decay relative to locking duration.
Example: lock 1,000 $ENTR for 1 year and get 2,000 vENTR at T0 - after 6 months the balance is 1,500 vENTR - after 9 months the balance is 1,250 vENTR.
  • You can lock and the period is the same:
    • base balance is increased with the added yENTR
    • multiplier is recalculated relatively to the new lock expiration date
  • You can only withdraw your vENTR balance after the lock expires.

2. You can stake $ENTR for vENTR

  • You can stake $ENTR tokens without locking them. No bonus is applied. vENTR balance = $ENTR balance.
  • You can stake more $ENTR and get the same amount of vENTR
  • You can redeem your $ENTR tokens at any time.

3. You can delegate vENTR to other users

  • You can only delegate to one person at a time.
  • Only actual balance can be delegated, not a bonus.
  • Delegated balance cannot be locked.
  • You can take the delegated vENTR at any time.